Panoramic shot of Kilimanjaro

I   Made   It!
So after 4.5 days of climbing and a final climb of 9 hours to the summit through the night, I made it! Here I am stood on the top of the worlds tallest freestanding mountain AKA "The Roof of Africa". For a full selection of the pictures I took, have a look at the "Photo's" tab.

Adam Holmes at Uhuru Peak.


Target   Reached!
So, I've managed to reach my target of £2440 and it's all because of you guys. This wouldn't be possible without all of your help. Now I need to concentrate on training and getting all the kit I need to do the climb. By all means, if you still feel like donating then go ahead.

My facebook page "Adam Holmes Climbs Kilimanjaro" now has over 1000 likes, again all thanks to you guys. I will be posting all of the pictures I take when I get back so stay tuned. I will also be *attempting* to document my travels via facebook and twitter LIVE. This obviously depends on whether I have signal etc.

Thanks, and check back soon.


Virgin   Marathon
No I didn't run the London Marathon although I would have liked to. Virgin decided that they would break the Guinness World Record for the longest cheer. Anybody that recorded themseleves cheering and then sent it to Virgin on Twitter would win £100. So I did just that. Watch and have a laugh.


Bogle   Stroll
Bogle Stroll is a charity walk organised by the Manchester RAG. The walk is 55 Miles around Manchester. I took part in this last year but had to drop out at 30 Miles because I was unable to move. This year I was determined to finish. Unfortunately I didn't manage to this time either BUT I did manage 41 miles this time. A massive improvement. I think next year I should be able to do the full 55. Unable to walk for a week afterwards is a bit of a problem though. Over 200 people took part. Here's me and Matt Drumm at the start and my nasty blisters afterwards.

Bogle start line.Painful blister


Collecting   On   The   Streets   Of   Manchester
Today I spent ALL day in Manchester town centre with a bucket hasseling everybody that went by. It was a very long a cold day with lots of dirty looks and disgruntled people that were not impressed. However the day as a whole was great, with lots of cheery people, lots of friendly chats about what I was doing. At the end of the day I managed to raise £178.07 which is great and for the record, Yes the bucket was very heavy. Thanks people of Manchester.

Raffle   Time
I decided that if I was going to raise some real money I would need to do a raffle with lots of goodies that people will be willing to donate for. This is where I started out on my hunt for free goodies. Item's number 1 and 2 are shown below. A LUSH bathset and a HUGE basket of sweets. Tickets are £1 each so if you want to win, make sure you get in with a chance and buy lots of tickets :)

Lush raffle prizeSweet hamper raffle prize


DLN   Group   Limited
Thank you to all the staff at DLN Group Limited who manage to raise £105 in donations :)

Nokia   App
In a bid to raise more awareness about the task that I am undertaking to raise money for Childreach International I decided to release an app. The app is a blog so that you can keep up with whats going on where ever you are. You can download the app from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Ovi Store App


The   Trespass   Goodies
So I wrote to Trespass to see if we could get some goodies so that I could encourage people to donate with and here is what they sent me in the image below. Thank you very much Trespass :).

Trespass Goodies


The   Bolton   News
Well I made it into The Bolton News - "Student set to climb mountain". They would also like to do a follow up article to see how I'm getting on with fundraising etc.

The Bolton News Article


The   Bright   Yellow   T-Shirt
Today I got my BRIGHT YELLOW Childreach International fundraising t-shirt. I have to wear this (along with some ID) everytime I go out raising money.

Childreach International fundraising t-shirt


Facebook   Page   Likes
More and more people are liking the facebook page, the more the better. We are now up to 250 likes :) dont forget to tell your friends and family so we can help spread the word. Oh and if you get a chance please donate, every little helps!

Bolton   FM.   The   Voice   Of   The   Bolton   Family!
Andy Partington at Bolton FM asked me to make an appearance on his show "community corner" tonight. It was a great success with a good ol' natter and letting the world know that I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising a shed load of money at the same time.

Bolton FM logo


Mount   Kilimanjaro.
So, I'm going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and I need all the help I can get to raise the almighty £2440 for ChildReach International. Sponsor me using the link on the home page so that we can smash this target. From now on I need to be training, eating healthily and raising as much money as possible. I just purchased a new treadmill so I will be spending a lot of time on that and hopefully the amount of takeaways will be decreased (I'm a student so you can imagine how many I am having at the moment :) ). So let's start fund raising!

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