Adam Holmes Design
  • Adam's Challenge - A Year of Challenges for The Christie. #AdamsChallenge
    I'm Adam Holmes and I'm doing a year of challenges to raise money for The Christie and need your help! I'll be doing all sorts of events including a 55 mile walk, a 10km military assault course and a SOLO SKYDIVE! #AdamsChallenge

  • MyBogle 2012 - A 24 hour Sponsored Walk or Cycle around Greater Manchester
    MyBogle is a user portal allowing users to track their progress along a 55 mile charity walk boasting the amount of miles they have walked and the money they have raised.

  • Elaine Allcroft Associates
    Elaine Allcroft Associates provides quality, impartial support and advice for small and medium sized businesses and enterprises and needed a website to show off her skills as an experienced professional.

  • Repomaintenance Ltd
    Repomaintenance was founded in 2006 when it was apparent that asset management companies, estate agents and letting agencies would benefit from a company that could offer a comprehensive total maintenance solution throughout the North West. Repomaintenance offer a professional, reliable and prompt service with customer satisfaction as our priority.

  • Music On Hold
    Demonstrating a whole range of interactive on hold music to suit your company's needs. The idea was to give an insight into voice overs and encourage more enquiries through the website

  • Info On Hold - Samples
    Info on Hold takes advantage of the free air-time created by your telephone system when clients are placed on hold, whilst waiting to speak to a particular department or individual.

  • Neil Hamilton Online
    Neil Hamilton is a top vocalist in Bolton, North West England. His website contains information about upcoming events whilst keeping you up to date with a blog. Neil Hamilton now releases music which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

  • Adam Holmes climbs Mt Kilimanjaro
    This is a website I made for self use to spread the word about me climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The site kept everyone up-to-date on what was happening, how I raised money, and the current total.

  • Gary & Sam McShane - The Wedding
    A simple website to display the wedding photo's of the family (in law) on their wedding day. A selection of all the best shots, with their wedding tracks played in the background. I was also one of the photographers too.

  • Flexible Mind Maps
    Flexible Mind Maps was a university project. The idea was to create a web application where mind maps could be created on the web, shared with friends and manipulated however the user wanted. I'm surrenty in the process of rewriting the application to include more features and browser support.

  • Quality Control
    This quality control website is used to note all items pased through this department at a formal hire company I was previously employed. Users were able to store all details of a particular item and edit this at a later date.

About Me
Hi, I'm Adam Holmes, I'm 30 years old, a graduate of The University of Manchester and so now a Bachelor of Science. I have been a web developer for 12 years, working on a wide range of projects. Since starting to program I've developed knowledge in the following languages/frameworks:

HTML CSS PHP MySql Javascript JQuery
Microsoft VBA Raphael Responsive Design Photoshop

I am always open to new ideas/concepts and being thrown in at the deep end when working on a project. I currently work at a company called PJ Web where I'm developing my knowledge even further with a great team of developers. I still occasionaly do some freelance work so if you would like to hire me for web development take a look around my portfolio and view my previous work. If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to contact me using any of the methods displayed below.

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